Front Runner

Rack Side Profile - 519mm / 3 Slat Joining

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Comes in pairs, one for each side of the rack.NOTES ABOUT SIDE PROFILES!Side profiles for a rack length of 8 slats or less do not get joined.All rack lengths above 8 slats use joined side profiles.If you're considering customizing a tray build, keep in mind not all side profiles work with each other.There are never more than 2 side profiles joined together per side.Any combination of side profiles ending with SKU SL1 SL2 can be joined.Examples: a 7 slat rack uses a pair of RRSP7SL3 a 10 slat rack uses a pair of RRSP3SL1 a pair of RRSP7SL2 If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.