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Overcamp is a cutting-edge roof top tent. Great attention to detail, the attractive colours and design, the reassuring tough fabric which is waterproof, strong outer structure smooth to the touch are just some of the outstanding and eye catching features of Overcamp. Overcamp is an excellent roof tent, suited to any camping situations.
It is easy to set up this roof top tent: closed on the roof, Overcamp is compact and can be opened simply and automatically until the bottom of the ladder touches ground. No ropes, tie-rods, pegs, hammers: like all Autohome roof tents, Overcamp is simplicity itself. Without forgetting safety and comfort that only a roof tent is able to provide.
Overcamp offers additional storage capacity on roof rack, allowing you to carry your sporting equipment easily: your bicycle, canoe, surfboard, hand glider or other accessories for your favourite sport. Another feature is the unique Double-up system which allows you to obtain twice the normal living space by fitting two tents on one roof. You can carry two Overcamp even on the smallest of cars and obtain four places (2+2) or eight places on large vehicles (4+4) providing two totally independent bedrooms. Overcamp is the unrivalled choice for adventure going people.

Art: OGY/01
Overcamp Small
Open: cm 130 x 200 x h 100
Close: cm 65 x 200 x h 35
Weight: about 54 Kg*
Art: OGY/02
Overcamp Medium
Open: cm 180 x 200 x h 115
Closed: cm 90 x 200 x h 35
Weight: about 66 Kg*

You can fit:
Small + Small,
Medium + Small or
Medium + Medium on large vehicle